Zoe Siegel is an architectural designer.  She has designed, managed and built a variety of houses in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Her design styles range from contemporary to traditional Mexican, and everything in between. The houses she builds are elegant, functional and comfortable: they are a pleasure to live in.

Siegel’s goal is to realize the dreams of her clients. When working with her clients, Siegel creates a collaborative environment, which makes building a house easy, enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Siegel is an artist as well.  Her best known sculptures are constructions of wire and paper. She also works in a variety of other mediums, and makes drawings, collages and mobiles. 

Siegel will be exhibiting her most recent work in February of 2012, at Galeria/Atelier, in San Miguel. She has exhibited extensively in the US and Mexico.  Her work appears in numerous private collections. 

For more information about Siegel’s architecture and art, please read her Statements page on this site.  Visit The Luz Project page to learn about her current endeavor.