Everyone who has ever designed his or her home with me, or has bought one of my pre-designed houses, says the same thing: I LOVE this house. Why?

The spaces are always generous. I like to use high ceilings in most of the house. Light is very important to me, and so my houses are filled with light. I use lots of rounded walls, which give the houses a unique sculptural feel. Mexico is a place of out door as well as indoor living, so I provide my houses with plenty of patios and shaded terraces.

I want the clients to realize their dreams. I work very hard to fulfill their personal needs. While my preference is for simple, open, contemporary design, I also like the challenge of making alternative environments. I have created several houses that celebrate more traditional Mexican features which have completely satisfied my customers.

The house I just finished came in significantly under budget. I work with a builder who uses only the highest quality materials, and his work men are skilled, courteous and fast. We have worked together on all seven houses.  

Over the past decade, I have established professional relationships based on mutual respect and trust with many local contractors in Mexico.  This ensures availability of a large variety of materials as well as competitive pricing.  I am bilingual.

The experience of building a house can be a joy and a pleasure when you work with me.  You can ask my customers. 


My pieces are rooted in the motion of gesture.  They give body and vitality to the ephemeral. They solidify motion.  While some of the sculptures literally move, others imply movement.

I want to develop a dialogue between gravity and flight.  The forms are born out of lines in space.  I use line as a sign language, finding its phrases, articulating its meaning, playing with its poetry.   Wire bones and membrane skin create the structure; they also reveal the process of how the piece was made, its history.

Because I am dedicated to simplicity, everything has to be essential. Reduced. Condensed. Less is more. This keeps my work rigorous.